About GRO Marketing

GRO Marketing is located in Orange County, California. Gina Oltman started her business in May 2006 and has been growing stronger each year with the help of a great team and clients that we look forward to working with on every project! Our reputation with our clients have always been our most important objective… and it shows, nearly 90% of our business is from word of mouth!


Some things in life are better left unscripted, but not when it comes to your marketing plan! Do you know what you’re spending your marketing budget on? Where does it all go? Do you really know why and how it’s being spent? If you don’t know, or just need a little help, we can straighten things out & get you going in the right direction. We’ll analyze your current marketing situation, show you what’s happening, then put together a plan and present it to you and your team. After everyone agrees on a unified marketing strategy, we can put it into effect. You’ll be amazed at how far you can stretch your marketing budget by streamlining your advertising and monitoring successes so you will know what really works.


Have an idea? See a photo you really like? We welcome your ideas. We begin by finding out what you like then create a design for your company that fits your needs. Simply put... If you need it, we can help! We are a full service marketing & design studio. We work with you from initial concept & design to a beautiful finished product.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is a call to action… it’s targeted, flexible, tangible and it’s measurable! At GRO Marketing, we work with you directly in order to determine the specific demographics to target. In essence, we help you to answer the question, who do you want to get your message to? We build the right size piece such as a postcard, letter, booklet, or magazine to fit the purpose of your mailing. We encourage you to add impact to your mailing and measure your redemption rate by including a call to action such as special offer. Most importantly, it’s EASY! We make it happen for you from start to finish by designing the piece, acquiring the the mailing list for your target market, getting it printed, sort by carrier route, ink jet address, prepare postal delivery paperwork, and drop it off at the post office ready for delivery into the mailboxes of your new customers! Direct mail is an easy and cost effective way to reach your customers, contact us now to learn more about the benefits of direct mail marketing.